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How to whisk eggs

Learn how to whisk eggs is the a-b-c of the culinary-art.

This technique will teach you how to beat the egg and kind of tips around it. At the end you will be able to prepare cream, herbal preparations rather than sweet or savory dough base.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • At least one egg
  • A bowl
  • A fork
  • A whip kitchen

To begin get a bowl not too profound. This will allow you to beat the egg without tricking too much with the fork. To whisk you could also use the classic whip kitchen. For small amounts it is definitely more functional the fork. It will be important to proceed by washing the egg that you want to beat. It may seem an unnecessary step but it is not. Eggs are subject to the risk of salmonella. It will always be better to wash the shell to prevent contamination of food. Then you break the egg. Just a rap on the shell with a fork or knife. It will be sufficient to cause a small tear. At the point of this break you place your thumbs and without too much force will open the egg over the bowl. You proceed by checking that there are bits of shell. In the event, remove it carefully with the aid of a fork.


Now add a little salt. This step is very important. A pinch of salt will help the the procedure. Now whisk with a fork. The important thing is to keep your arm still and let work only the wrist. Hand the fork right on top of the handle to havethe help by the "lever principle". Remember to work energetically.

The fork should be almost parallel to the work surface.  Depending on the force applied and how long you will whisk the egg will get different results. The egg can be said to be ready when no lumps out. Continuing to whisk you get a compound more foamy effect .

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