Pizza Napoletana

Hello guys,

We are back after a long break. Today we would like to take you trough a long journey, which started one morning in Belgium a year ago. One morning Doc woke up and went in the kitchen. I thought he would prepare a coffee. Instead, he took the left over of the Postel beer (Belgian Trappist beer), from the dinner and mixed it with flour. "I would like to prepare my sourdough." He said. I honestly forgot about the cup containing the mixture for a few days. When I did realize, It was hard like a stone. Externally it was hard, while the inside was very soft. I took it and refreshed it using water and flour. Here we go. We are pleased to introduce you to Tiger, our sourdough.


Since then, Doc specialized in pizza making. He is really good at this.

We use a flour with a content of protein of about 12-13 gr. The amount of water is the 55% of the gr of flour (example for 100 gr of flour add 55 gr of water). 1gr of salt every 100 gr of flour. The amount of sourdough us the 30% of the gr of flour (example for 100 gr of flour add 30 gr of sourdough). 

Prepare the dough and let it rest for a couple of hours. Cover it with plastic paper. Stretch and fold the pizza dough (how to).

We normally prepare 24hrs before. We let it grow in the fridge for all the night and the day. Three hours before you will use it, remove the dough from the fridge.

Stretch the pizza with your hands (How to).

Sunday It is our pizza and movie night. This is what He created yesterday.

PIZZA Margherita.

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PIZZA with parmesan, mozzarella, capocollo, and lemon zest.

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PIZZA with pumpkin, 'Nduja, leek, and mozzarella.

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Pick any one you like and enjoy.

For the music, We are watching "Westworld", which is brilliant by the way. Yesterday the piano was playing "A Forest" by the Cure. I loved the tribute. your social media marketing partner